BEST Courses

The students’ organization BEST organizes different events, but one of the most interesting are the international courses, where students have the opportunity to expand their personal experience by getting in touch with the cultural diversity and work in an international environment, creating contacts around Europe and improving their English while having fun.

In every event 20-30 students just like you take part and they are ready to develop and acquire new useful experience./p>

The courses are organized every year. They are seasonal events where students from all over Europe have the chance to develop skills in areas of their personal interest.

Here in Bulgaria every year we organize an autumn course which is open to every student from the country. Each year the topic is different – in 2013 for example we organized a course on developing Android mobile applications; in 2014 the topic of the course was Computer networking and this year the topic is about Energy efficiency.

The goal of the courses is to better and develop the knowledge of students in a certain technological sector, working with new technologies and interactive methods for teaching giving the participants a chance to attain new knowledge and develop their skills.

At the end of each course the students take an exam which could have different formats (workshop, team design, oral and others). The exam shows how much of the knowledge is retained by the participants. If they pass the exam they receive a certificate for completion of the course with which they can receive credits at their local university.

Every student from the Technical University of Sofia can apply with a short motivational letter for up to 3 courses each season. You can find the list with the current courses and apply at

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