BEST Sofia

Since 1989 the international student organization BEST, Board of European Students of Technology, provides communication, collaboration and opportunities for students from all around Europe.

97 local BEST groups in 34 countries develop bigger, well structured, powerful, young and innovative student network.

Local BEST Group Sofia is established in 2000 and currently is the only one in Bulgaria. For 19 years we have organized 18 career events, 13 job fairs, 11 academic courses, 10 engineering competitions and a lot of educational trainings. Currently in BEST Sofia we have around 30 active members. With their imagination and enthusiasm these students give the great possibility of learning, traveling and personal development to their colleagues.

As a member of BEST Sofia you have the chance to attend to all of the international events of the organization and also to participate in our trainings in leadership, business skills, marketing, PR, IT, communication and management skills and others.

During the years, more than 100 already past members have been part of Local BEST Group Sofia. We can be sure that for all of them the time spent in BEST is the time when they have learned a lot, gained important experience, had a lot of fun and found great friends and unforgettable memories.

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