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The copper-producing factory of Aurubis Bulgaria is located in Pirdop. It was built in 1958 and is consisted of a few main production units: metallurgic manufacture, refinery for cathode copper, production of sulphuric acid. In april 2009 the new official name of the company “Aurubis” is accepted and currently the enterprise gives job to over 780 employees . A few of the last corporative acheivments of Aurubis Bulgaria are “Investor of the year”, “Best corporative investor”, “Second place for Investor in environment”. Aurubis is the largest producer of copper in Europe and global leader in copper-processing. They produce 1.1 million tons copper cathodes yearly and a large variety of copper products of them. The company has power in seven european countries and overall around 4 800 employees. Thanks to the wide range of services Aurubis is among the global leaders in their sphere. The main production of the company is copper cathodes from copper concentrate, copper scrap and recycled copper materials. They are produced as forms of copper wire, previously rolled strips and half-ready copper products, copper bar and profiles of copper and copper alloy. Precious metals and many other products like киселина sulphuric acid are part of the product range of the company.

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SuperHosting.BG is the fastest developing hosting company in Bulgaria. Our company is leader among the hosting providers and offers high quality services, adequate 24/7 technical support and guaranteed continuity of the access.
The company is founded in the beginning of 2005 and since 01.10.2005 it begins successfully offering hosting services for the bulgarian market.
SuperHosting.BG has offices in Sofia and commercial representation in Varna and for the clients we offer different and accessible ways of payment. The parameters of the offered services are designed in a way they can satisfy the needs of most of the clients in the different market segments. Main aim of our company is delivering of effective and reliable solutions for the clients who chose our services. In order to execute this aim, we rely on excellent highly skilled technical teams of proved professionals and also exceptional quality and checked technics with guaranteed origin.

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