BEST General Assembly (GA Chania 2015)


BEST General Assembly is a general meeting of our organization, where two representatives from each of the 96 local groups of BEST are present. This event happens once a year and is always in different places in Europe. This year BEST General Assembly was held in Chania, Crete, Greece.


The plenary


The goal of the event is to facilitate communication at the international level for all local groups of BEST and vote upon proposals regarding the future of the student organization such as the election of the new international board, the strategy and the long-term planning for the next three years, accepting and excluding local groups from the organization, establishing new or discontinuation of old partnerships with other organizations.


The new international board of BEST


The first day of the event is marked by an official opening, followed by seven days of intensive work. In these days, representatives of local groups all took their places in the plenary, discussing and deciding on all questions that dictate the future of our organization.


The official opening of GA Chania 2015


BEST Sofia from this year attended two delegates, one coorganiser and one extra delegate. During the event there was also an alumni meeting, which was attended by four honorary members of our local group, among which was Vesko Genadiev, one of the founders of BEST Sofia.


The presence of BEST Sofia on GA Chania 2015